Periods and Menopause

The very simple answer to all of these questions about periods, menstruation and menopause is "No".  Unfortunately we are all indirectly taught, from a young age, that suffering is to be expected. I hear women talk of these things all the time, and men talk of their wives going a bit crazy in peri-menopause.

They tell us that pain, migraine, spots, debilitating cramps, and many other symptoms are a normal part of our periods and menstrual cycle and we just need to put up with them. We may even have been told we are making a fuss by medical professionals.

This is not the case and there are many things you can do to ease these symptoms, because they are not normal. They are brought about by our livestyles and stress levels.

In my practice I find many women who come to me don't expect to be able to change these things very much.  They believe that maybe I might give them a supplement that makes things easier to cope with, but not a lot else.  In fact, the wonderful suprise is that we can take away most, if not all, of the undesirable symptoms. 

As women our lives seem to career towards the fearful menopause; expecting to lose our minds a little, suffer hot flushes and sweats for years and maybe turn a bit crazy - upsetting our loved ones. None of this is necessity.

I work with many menopausal and peri-menopausal women, and it is very rewarding to see the changes.  The dream would be to also work with teens who are just starting along this road and may be thinking that the pain they are experiencing is normal. I had an adult client who said to me, "Oh I wish someone had told me these things when I was a teen in agony every month".  I want to be that someone, to be there for those girls. To stop them travelling that road for decades.

I really love working with women but I would love it even more if women didn't need this help, because they were well informed from an early age.

Most menstrual and even menopausal symptoms are actually down to systemic inflammation. When we lose our uterine lining, this is an excellent opportunity for our bodies to chuck out a load of rubbish. There are many things that can accumulate in our bodies, like inflamed tissue, toxins, synthetic hormones, heavy metals etc that are difficult to remove from the body.

For women, one of the easiest ways for our body to remove these things is in our period blood and tissue.  Our bodies wait to see if our womb is going to be used that month, and then if not (no fertilised egg) it's time to quickly draw as much toxicity into the tissue as possible. This is the heavy, drawing feeling we get sometimes before our bleed. And the cramps come when the toxic load is high and the body is trying to expel it. Heavy bleeding means there is a lot that needs to go each month.

So the good news, is when we work to reduce inflammation in our bodies, menstrual discomfort reduces just by default. Cramps and migraines can disappear, heavy flow can reduce each month to a manageable level. Periods can pass easily and uneventfully. Even menopause can be a calmer, easier transition - and we can celebrate the end of menses!

Each of us is different and our bodies react to different things, and sometimes different things at different times of year, but the basics are the same. When you start to look after your body well, it will look after you well. 

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