How do you choose a Practitioner?

Do you need more than one?

I often come across clients who have been seeing a number of different practitioners for different symptoms. They don’t have one person who is looking at the full picture. This – in my opinion – is the reason their conditions either don’t improve or they change to another new symptom, or symptoms. I don’t believe you can achieve real healing unless the whole mind, body and histories are looked at as one picture.

This requires a big shift in how most practitioners think; whether it’s a medical practitioner or an alternative practitioner, the whole body system is just as relevant.

The type of practitioner you choose is not particularly relevant – what is important is their philosophy about health and healing.

Firstly, I believe very strongly that they need to give you the opportunity to get to know them before committing to their program. It’s very important to have a good relationship with your practitioner if you’re going to share all the intimate details about your life, history and relationships; and its equally important for the practitioner to know you feel comfortable opening up and not holding back. If there is some emotional or informational withholding – then this will ultimately interfere with healing and possibly even prevent it.

Secondly, I feel it is vital that you can contact your practitioner between consultations. If your symptoms are changing or something has been thrown into view by your consultation, or if a particular supplement or food isn’t working for you, then your practitioner needs to know so they can either reassure, or make additional suggestions that might help with healing.

Lastly they need to understand – and explain to you that healing isn’t linear. It can take a convoluted path, and there can be times where it feels you’re getting worse, not better. This is known as the Law of Cure; or the return of old symptoms.

So in summary; when you’re considering a practitioner, even one that is recommended to you – I recommend the following:

Ask if you can have a chat with them first.

★ Ask if you will be able to contact them in between consultations.

★ Decide whether you have a connection with them

There are many great, forward thinking practitioners about, some you can access online.

Just take your time to find the one right for you.