Words from Clients...

I have had the pleasure of working with some truly wonderful people. We embark on unique journeys of discovery for the betterment of physical and emotional well-being, in the process, making some life-changing revelations. 

These are some of the lovely things they have said.

L.L. ~ November 2018

Sonia helped me to calm down from a panic attack, see clearly and gave me health advice for my poorly son. she's kind, understanding and supportive. Everybody needs a Sonia in their lives and she's well worth the money. Thank you, awesome lady.

L.T. ~ July 2018

Having suffered with hormones issues for years, I thought there was nothing that would help. After talking to The whole Health Coach she got to the root of the problem swiftly and my health has improved greatly. I feel happier and healthier than I have in a long time

S.C. ~ December 2019

Sonia has helped me many times over the years that I have known her. Her kind and gentle, yet firm manner has been like a guiding light on some dark days. She has helped me with emotional matters that had built up over my life and showed me how I need not carry those burdens as they do not define who I am today. I feel free.  

P.S. ~ Jan 2020

After a number of miscarriages, I was feeling disheartened at ever being able to carry to term. I chatted to Sonia. We clicked immediately. We spoke again in a consultation and she asked me about my history, health and family as well my diet, it was a really in-depth. Sonia also spoke to me and questioned me about my feelings and emotions surrounding my preconceptions about being pregnant and if I felt there was anything holding me back. It’s a work in progress, she is helping me immensely and I cannot thank her enough.

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