Does my water need filtering?

As a Health practitioner - one of the most important questions for a client is whether they are drinking adequate water. Depending on who you ask, the definition of "adequate" can change quite a lot! But the most important thing is whether you are drinking - and second it is WHAT you are drinking. Not all water is created equal!

From a global standpoint, we are very lucky to have clean water piped to almost every house in the UK. However we should still think about this vital ingredient to all life. In my opinion, our water supply has 2 main weaknesses; First it needs to have chlorine added to stave off proliferation of bacteria, and second, because of the widespread use of pharmaceuticals, especially birth control pills, our water supply now contains hormones at a not insignificant level. This is of great concern to me - especially as a parent of a daughter. In addition some areas of the UK have artificially fluoridated water - which is a controversial practice. You can check your area here: Fluoridated Postcodes of the UK

Discussions abound around what is the best type of filter - and there seems to be no single clear answer. After much research I went for the Stefani filter. It doesn't use any energy, nor use extra water. It cools the water naturally being terracotta. There is almost zero plastic in the unit (a little on the filter attachment and the tap is plastic), and the filters remove impurities, bacteria, chlorine and pharmaceuticals. So its a winner for me!