Do I have a thyroid issue?

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All too often in recent years, people (especially women) are diagnosed with insufficient thyroid function of some kind. This is largely a final diagnosis and in most cases, no options are given for reversing the symptoms. Women are left feeling faulty, with no option other to get thyroxine; but this just papers over the cracks, for them to return later.

However, I have good news for you again! Many thyroid problems can be reversed and even cured completely with a holistic approach. I even met another Health Coach who began her journey with auto-immune thyroid problems, and she has fully reversed it; leading her to help others. So there is hope!

One of the problems with thyroid symptoms is often they are not the problem at all. Many times the thyroid has been trying to compensate for another issue. One which I see very regularly in women is depleted adrenals - which can lead to very serious symptoms when not addressed and it can be life threatening if left to get to Stage 4. 

Standard motherhood in our society - with no support and an expectation to get it all right - generally leaves women in Stage 2 or 3 permanently, and this is seen as normal. This situation, plus many other reasons, leads women down into adrenal fatigue and then onto adrenal exhaustion. Symptoms include debilitating tiredness, but inability to get into a deep sleep - staying constantly alert and waking to every sound; "baby brain"; lack of motivation and lack of interest, heart palpitations, stiff body, dizziness (sometimes even when seated), the list goes on. Once your adrenals are suffering, your thyroid will suffer alongside.

Our thyroids also need a number of trace elements that we often don't get enough of. This can be due to hectic lives and convenience food - but even when we eat well, we can still experience issues because the depletion of our soils mean our crops are already depleted. A high quality mineral salt in our food can really help this. Himlayan salt or celtic sea salt, for example, can contain up to 18 minerals.

The other major issue with the thyroid is it's position in the throat. If you know about energy channels and chakras, it is right at our throat chakra. For women this is almost always problematic, due to the world we live in where we must moderate our language and behave in a manner fitting for a female. It is considered unfeminine to express anger or frustration, so we learn to "smile and carry on". This has a huge impact on our thyroid function.

That is one reason why, in my work, talking to women about their life experiences, traumas, their childhoods and their feelings, can be as important, if not more important than discussing their diet and lifestyle.

If any of this resonates with you, please drop me a quick message and we can have a chat - no charge.

A great resource is a book called "Stop The Thyroid Madness".  They also have a website: